Series Q76BL & Q77BL

Q76BL and Q77BL

These valves are designed for use with flat glass gauges, instrument piping and for applications requiring a lightweight valve. They have a bolted bonnet and outer stem & yoke construction.

Pressure Rating 3000 Lbs. @ 100F

Q76BL: offset pattern with female NPT gauge connection

Q677BL: offset pattern with union gauge connection.


Safety shut off

The valves are equipped with a stainless steel ball check to shut of flow automatically in case of glass breakage.

Offset pattern

These valves are designed so the gauge and drawings connections are offset by 7/8” from the centre line of the vessel connection. Due to offset pattern the gauge could be cleaned by removing the drain plug, without disassembling the gauge.

OS & Y and back seating stem

The forged yoke supports the stem away from the valve body so the threaded portion of the stem in unaffected by the heat and does not come into contact with any process fluids. The stem has a back seating which allows for repacking the valve under pressure.

Renewable seat

The removable seat may be replaced.

Extra Features for Q77BL compared to Q76BL.

The Q77BL valve has a union gauge connection which allows a top and bottom connected gauge to be turned to any chosen angle for the most suitable visibility. This feature also makes it possible for the removal of the gauge without removing the valves.

Optional features:

Bleed fitting.

A bleed fitting is available making it possible to bleed pressure from the valve and connected instruments without breaking the threaded connection. The bleed fitting is designed so its stem cannot be withdrawn accidentally. It is tapped for 1/8” NPT connection.

Ball Check.

Valves may be furnished with a ball check which shuts off the flow of medium in case of a upstream rupture. Nos Q77BL may have a downstream or upstream ball check. For a downstream install in bottom valve only when used in conjunction with end connection gauges.

Standard Connections for Q77BL and Q76BL

  • Vessel ¾” NPT male , non union
  • Drain ½” NPT Female
  • Gauge  ½” NPT Female

Optional connections


  •  ½” or 1” male or weld end flanged to requirements


  • ¼”, ½” ,¾” Male of Female

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