Remanufacturing services

At Quality Gauge & Valve control products repair division we are able to remanufacture your liquid level gauges and valves within 7-10 business days. Our Standard Service Repair uses a 7 step remanufacturing process to ensure our products are in full working condition and can be returned as quickly as possible to the customer.

Just fixing the problem that caused your equipment to malfunction or failure isn’t the way of the Quality Standard Service Repair division. Unlike other repair companies, Quality has developed a comprehensive 7 step remanufacturing process that completely evaluates the product in order to restore it to its original operating conditions and will ensure product reliability.

Our ISO certified manufacturing facility uses high quality parts, standards and specifications as our original manufacturing process to restore any type of level gauge equipment. Our Quality Standard Service Repair division also includes:

  • Installation of applicable upgrades and enhancements: frost shield, mounting brackets, illuminator,
  • Replacement of failed or aged components
  • Cleaning and cosmetic restoration
  • Parametric testing

Quality Gauge & Valve has three types of services available for our repair service division.

  • Economy Service — Your failed or malfunctioning product is sent through our seven step process and returned via the normal shipping process.
  • Standard Service — After your failed core is received at one of our depots, an exchange unit is shipped from the factory. If no exchange unit is available, your unit will be placed in the front of our production schedule.
  • Priority Service— Includes next day, morning delivery*, from our inventoried items at our global parts factory. Return shipping costs are waived if the failed, non-warranty unit is returned within 15 days. Emergency 24x7x365 service is also available.

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