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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our goal is to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in design, supply chain management, manufacturing and repair solutions.


Through our culture, our drive and the expertise of each individual employee, we are uniquely positioned to provide best-in-class services to our global customer base. Satisfying our customers with the best quality, competitive pricing and delivery times is a primary goal and a fundamental element of our business mission.



Quality Machining & Metalworks Inc.

We are also the only Canadian Manufacturer of Flat Glass Liquid Level Gauges and their associated Valves. Quality Machine & Metalworks Inc. has been producing these parts uninterrupted since 1987. Originally, Quality Machine & Metalworks Inc. was subcontracted to another Canadian company as their liquid level gauge manufacturer. Since that time, we have been producing our own unique product under the Quality Gauge & Valve banner.

Quality Machine & Metalworks operates a Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001/2000 for the manufacture of liquid level gauges and valves, with design conforming to ASME/ANSI standards, and produced to B16.34, B31.1 & B31.3 codes, which are approved for the petro-chemical and power industries. These are sold world wide through our distribution network.




Quality Machine & Metalworks Inc. is currently producing a wide range of products for medium pressure series, high pressure and extreme pressure applications, with a variety of exciting new products under development. With the use of CNC equipment, coupled with the knowledge and experience of our staff, we are able to guarantee the highest standards in quality, delivery and competitive pricing (Most standard product orders can ship within 7 working days). We specialize in large quantity production runs. Additionally, we excel in exotics and special orders manufactured to your specific needs.

an Independently owned and  operated, longstanding Canadian Bus an Independently owned and  operated, longstanding Canadian Bus

an Independently owned and
operated, longstanding Canadian Business


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