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Direct Reading Level Gauges

Series Q20 Liquid Level Gauges
Standard construction includes a solid one-piece chamber machines from bar, machined steel covers, tempered glass, alloy steel bolts and nuts. Recessed gasket seats prevent gasket movement. Series Q20 gauges are available in a variety of materials to meet specific corrosive conditions. All standard chamber materials (carbon and stainless steels) are NACE MR-01-75 acceptable materials. Non-frost extensions, illuminators, support brackets, Kel-F shields, mica shields and special alloys are available.

Pressure up to 3000psi@ 100°
Series Q32 Liquid Level Gauges
Series Q32 Liquid Level Gauges are high pressure liquid level gauges with pressure ratings up to 4000 PSI @ 100 F°. Series Q32 liquid level gauges are available in both reflex and transparent application. These gauges are designed with a heavy duty chamber machined out of solid bar stock, complete with sectional gauge covers and gauge glasses. These gauges are assembled with special bolts and nuts that compliment the service level of the gauge. The pressure rating shown in the tables is for the standard non-asbestos or grafoil and carbon steel chamber, as well as the stainless steel series 300 or 300L. The pressure is only 50% for Kel-F shields and pure gaskets. Lower temperature applications are possible with the variation in metallic material. Construction of 316 stainless steel with grafoil gaskets are rated to 326F°

Series Q10 Large Chamber Liquid Level Gauges
Large Chamber Gauges are specifically designed for liquids which have the tendency to surge or boil. These gauges reduce the boiling effects of entrained gas. They help to reduce liquids being vaporized under critical low pressure and help to reduce boiling the liquids when temperature exceeds the boiling point. Series Q10 Gauges are available in both reflex and transparent applications. These gauges are designed with heavy wall steel tubing as a chamber, complete with sectional covers and gauge glasses. Thee final assembly of these gauges are specially processed, heat treated and tempered. Standard connections for these gauges are ¾ inch NPT female end connections. Additionally, ½ inch or ¾ inch NPT side connections are available. Also 2 inch flanged or scarfed for welding connections which provide unrestricted flow through the chamber, may be specified. All carbon steel parts are rust proofed


Series QRW-20 & QTW-20
Reflex or Transparent Weld Pad Gauges

These gauges are designed so that they can be welded directly on to a pressure vessel. Weld pad gauges are used where regular gauge and valve construction is impractical, due to space, solid matter in the suspension and thermal stresses on the gauge glass from the associated piping. Weld Pad Gauges are available in both reflex and transparent applications. These gauges are designed to take pressure within the gauge itself. These gauges are not designed to replace the tank strength lost due to slotting the pressure vessel. It is therefore impossible give a pressure rating to the Weld Pod Gauge.



up to 500 PSI at 450 °F – SUBJECT TO LIMITATIONS

Automatic valves come with corrosion-resistant ball checks. 316 stainless steel valves come with 316 Stainless Steel ball checks. These valves are designed for standard straights through flow with ½” or ¾” vessel connection. These valves can be put together with highly durable pyrex glass tube or high pressure tube of 5/8” or ¾” diameter. Guard rods and a round plexiglass cover are available to protect glass tube.




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