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Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

High to Low Level Pressure Gauges

Professionalism Second to None.


The simple water column solution

The Quality Boiler Magnetic Gauge assembly complete with the Quality Boiler Water Gauge is a simple and efficient replacement for old style water columns. These units, suitable up to 2000 lbs. Steam, can be used as a direct retrofit to an existing unit, or installed on new units to meet all of our customer’s needs.

The Quality Boiler Mag. Gauge is available with point level switches to replace the conductivity probes in the old style water columns, or we are also able to supply a magnetostrictive liquid level transmitter which offers a 4-20ma 2 wire loop powered circuit for continuous indirect level measurement.

All units are also supplied with a flag indicating indirect system. These units are also complete with a Quality Boiler Water Gauge Glass assembly, thereby giving the customer a complete system which conforms to ASME boiler Codes by supplying (1) one Direct Reading and (2) two Remote Reading Gauges for units 900 PSIG and above.

Information Required for Quality Ordering Systems.

  1. Maximum Design Pressure
  2. Steam/Water Connections Required
  3. Center to Center for Steam/Water Connections
  4. Location and Orientation of Connections
  5. Location and Orientation of Point Level Switches
  6. Location and Orientation of Flag Indicating System
  7. Boiler Gauge Visibility Range
  8. Location and Orientation of Boiler Gauge
  9. Environmental Conditions

Quality Boiler Mag. Support Files

Quality Boiler Mag. Model


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