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Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

Quality Gauge & Valve proudly serve gas and refinery industries

High to Low Level Pressure Gauges

Professionalism Second to None.


All Indicators have Anodized Aluminum or Stainless Steel Enclosure and are immune to differential thermal expansion. The flags are solid one-piece ceramic magnetic material - no aluminum or ferrite plastics. Our Drum Level Indicator meets ASME Boiler Code for water level indicators on Boiler Drum.


                                               Wide Tracker Style                                                                                  Wide Flag Style


  • Extra Large Indicator
  • 1.40" Wide x 1.5" Long
  • Bright Yellow
    (Other colors available)
  • Dual Magnetic Coupling
  • 1.40" Wide

Stainless Steel Wide Tracker

  • 180° rotation
  • Solid, One-Piece High
    Temperature Magnetic Flags
  • Dual Rotation Points
  • Yellow - Liquid & Black - Vapor
    (Other colors available)

Stainless Steel Wide Flag




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